General Information


Hello Parents, 

Once you have set up your Wifi, log on to the computer using the student’s email address and password. Your student’s username is their permanent ID number An example would be The password is the student’s permanent ID. An example would be 0123456789. 

Then please open Google Chrome. Go to Clever either by the website ( or the Clever icon on the desktop. You will log in using the same credentials as you used to log in to the computer. 

From the Clever site, you will need to log into Office 365. The username and password are the same as it is for Clever. Office 365 will probably ask you to change the password. If this is the case, please change it as follows:

If your child is in this grade, then his/her password should be: 

Preschool:       prek
Kindergarten:   kinder
1st:                   first
2nd:                  second
3rd:                   third
4th:                   fourth
5th:                   fifth

This way, when the students come back to school, we will be able to help them with any technical issues without them worrying about remembering a password. I would also strongly suggest that, when asked, you click on the option to keep your child signed in. 

If you change your child’s password, please note that it will change for ALL log ins. (Computer, Clever, and Office 365). 

If you have any more questions regarding the technology aspect of distance learning, please feel free to email Alicia Addotta. You can also call her office phone at (520) 731-4841. She checks the voicemail several times during the school day.