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Our very own Hudlow Hawks are the proud winner of the Dr. Trujillo District Attendance Challenge.  We received this award on November 12, 2019 at the Governing Board meeting.  Our student attendance increased over three percent, which is more than three times as much as other schools.  Thank you for all your support and making sure that your children are here every day and on time.  We could not have won this award without your support!

We are also proud to announce that Hudlow has officially received the letter grade of B for this year.  Teachers, staff, students and parents put in a lot of hard work last year to demonstrate their academic growth.  We hope to continue this progress for this school year.  As you know, its takes a village to achieve this accomplishment.  Every day counts, please continue to send your son/daughter to school every day in order to support our teachers and your children. 

Hudlow offers many interesting programs for our students!

- Core academics for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

- Be Kind Class Lessons with our counselor once a week with a supporting PBIS program

- Reading Intervention for all grade levels

- Math Intervention for all grade levels

- OMA Art for all grade levels

- Orchestra for 4th and 5th graders

- Band for 5th graders

- Read with Dogs for 1st/2nd grades (volunteer program temporarily on hold due to pandemic)

- Dedicated retired teacher volunteers who read with students 1-on-1 or small groups

- Half-day Tuition Free Preschool Program (application process)

- Extended Day Afterschool Program for Kinder through 5th grade (application process)

- Afterschool Track and Field (coming up this Spring)

- Free school breakfast and lunch for all students

- Dedicated 1:1 computer to student ratio for class lessons

- STEM Science Lab

Students are encouraged to work collaboratively every day in class. When teachers ask questions, children know to turn to each other to find the answers. Teachers also work together, sharing student test scores, strengths and areas needing improvement. Hudlow teaches at the individual level to ensure that all students get what they need.

We are always asking ourselves, “What is the best I can be?” and “Is this quality work?”

Welcome to Hudlow Elementary School
"Hudlow….on a learning expedition. We engage, connect, create, achieve, reflect and
communicate our successes to our families and community. We are a quality school."

Hudlow Information
Our Mission: 

Hudlow students are learners with cultural strengths that are acknowledged and respected. We
provide a safe and nurturing environment where each child can develop academically,
emotionally, socially and physically, because we care about all of our students.

Our Vision:

Hudlow….on a learning expedition. We engage, connect, create, achieve, reflect and
communicate our successes to our families and community. We are a quality school.
Today we make a commitment to be

the best people we can be.

We are responsible for our own words and actions.

We are honest.

We pay attention and learn all we can.

We know when it's time to work and when it's time to play.

We respect each other and value our differences.

We respect all property.

We are a team.

We are a community.

We are proud members of Hudlow Elementary.
Hudlow REGISTRATION for School Year 22-23 We have begun online registration for the 2022-23 school year.  Thank you for logging into your ParentVue account to update you student’s enrollment for next year.  This helps us ensure that we have the appropriate staffing for next year.  If you have any trouble getting registered, please call Esmeralda Diaz at 731-4800 she is happy to help you. REGISTRO para Hudlow para el año 22-23 Hemos comenzado la inscripción en línea para el año escolar 2022-23. Gracias por iniciar sesión en su cuenta de ParentVue para actualizar la inscripción de su estudiante para el próximo año. Esto nos ayuda a asegurarnos de contar con el personal adecuado para el próximo año. Si tiene algún problema para registrarse, llame a Esmeralda Diaz al 731-4800, ella estará encantada de ayudarlo.

What is Site Council?  - Simply put, it's a group of people (teachers, parents, community members, school staff, and the principal) who get together quarterly to discuss goals for the school, exchange ideas, and share in the decision-making process that DIRECTLY IMPACT YOUR CHILD.

What's the difference between Site Council and PTA? - Site council focuses on the policies impacting our school.  PTA is a support group that assists teachers, works on special events, sometimes raises funds and otherwise helps out as needed throughout the school year.

Why should I participate? - If you have a child at Hudlow, don't you want to have some input in the direction of the school?  Being on site council also gives you a front seat to upcoming changes in district policy, school finances, quality of education, and so much more.

How much of a commitment is it .... really?   - Our site council meets quarterly (and we've already had the first meeting!).  We meet via Zoom (unless there is a need or consensus by participants to meet face-to-face).   The meetings only last about an hour.

Crazy times call for innovative solutions! We’re forming a new support group in which parents/guardians of Hudlow Elementary students can join in to a live weekly online Zoom get-together, (or connect anytime via phone text or email) if interested in receiving information and help at home.


We’ll be looking at behavioral interventions and methods to see what is works at home.  We’ll explore some written works by experts in the field of effective child discipline, and one of the core goals of this group is to have a space where parents/guardians can talk to each other, and to feel safe and supported while discussing on-going issues, goals, successes and expectations.


The group will be open for everyone starting December 9, 2020.


For more information, contact our school counselor, Carlos Gomez via email ( or text (480-788-1424).


Join live Zoom Meeting Wednesday mornings from 11am-Noon


Meeting ID: 911 829 3903

If you are a parent (or guardian) of a TUSD student who needs to access your child's report card, you must have an account activated with ParentVUE, the application our district used to share vital information with our families.  Detailed instructions are provided in the links below (in both English and Spanish).


Si usted es un padre (o tutor) de un estudiante TUSD que necedita acceder a la tarjeta de informe de su hijo, debe tener una cuenta activada con ParentVUE, la aplicación que nuestro distrito usó para compartir informacion vital con nuestras familias. Las instrucciones detalladas se propporcionan en los siguientes enlaces (tanto en inglés como en español).


ParentVUE instructions (in English)

ParentVUE instrucciones (en español)

(… for our Site Council!)


If you'd like to become a part of this decision-making team for Hudlow please consider joining!  The meetings are few (only once per quarter), and short (only about an hour) but the Site Council helps guide our school in many important ways that impact YOUR children / OUR students!


For more information or to sign up, contact Trish Miller by email at

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